Bone Health and HGH

imagesIt is a known fact that in the West, awareness of bone health is much more than in other parts of the world, and larger amounts of calcium is consumed through dairy products and supplements.

But what comes as a surprise is the result of recent research, which revealed that the incidence of fractures and death due to osteoporosis is higher in the West.

The study also stated that women in the West are more likely to die from osteoporosis than cancer.

It is mostly women that suffer from osteoporosis. Statistics reveal that osteoporosis is responsible for around 300,000 hip fractures, 250,000 wrist fractures, 700,000 vertebral fractures and more than 300,000 other fractures.

Scientists say that milk, once thought to be the elixir for bone health, may not be the answer for bone health.

In fact, they have seen healthier bones in people who drink less milk or don’t drink milk at all.

A Glimpse at Osteoporosis

Our bones are constantly renewing through the action of osteoblasts, which are cells that form new bones and osteoclasts that break down bones.

From the time of our birth till the time we are in our 30s, the osteoblasts work more by increasing the bone mass. But once in the 30s, it is the osteoclasts that take over and the bone formation reduces dramatically by the age of 50.

The loss of bone mass affects all the bones in the body, including the legs, hips, spine and teeth. One of the worst things that could happen is a reduction in height because of the bone loss.

Researchers found that one of the factors that contributes in a big way to bone loss in osteoporosis is the diminishing growth hormone in the body.

As we age, with less HGH being produced, the growth hormone receptors in the bone become inactive.

Human Growth Hormone Treatment

Treatment with human growth hormone is said to help with increasing the bone mass by a large margin. But studies also reveal that short-term treatment may not be of much use.

A study conducted by Dr. Rudman, on men, over a period of six months, showed that the bone density increased by 1.6% in the lumbar vertebrae with the use of human growth hormone.

The problem was that the other bones, including femur and radius showed no increase in bone mass.

But a two-year HGH study showed a significant increase in the calcium levels and great bone density improvement in all the bones in the body.

Even post-menopausal women showed an increase in the osteocalcin levels, which is required for new bone growth.

Drugs Versus Human Growth Hormone

The drugs that are in use today have the capacity to control bone loss or even stop it to an extent. But the human growth hormone helps in activating the growth hormone receptors in the bones, rekindling the formation of new bone in the body.

Exercise and HGH for Bones

Here we mention of human growth hormone only with relation to high-quality and genuine HGH products.

Plenty of exercise along with growth hormone intake is recommended and has been seen to bring about a great change in bone health.

In fact, even when taking HGH for anti-aging; if you exercise and eating fresh vegetables and fruits, you will find quicker and long-term results.

Human growth hormone products can bring about a great change in your body in more ways than one.

Restoration of bone health can be a boon to people suffering from osteoporosis.


The Gateway to the Fountain of Youth

images-1There isn’t a woman alive who at one time or another hasn’t given some consideration to pills and procedures designed to fight and reverse the signs of again.

And rightfully so, not many people, if given the choice, would elect to experience sagging skin, greying hair or fragile bones.

The question remains, however, is it possible to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging, or at the very least slow them down a little, without having to undergo costly surgical procedures?

There are many ways to offset the aging process while maintaining a youthful appearance. Despite the deviousness of physical appearance, being youthful is not entirely about looking youthful on the outside, youthfulness also extends to the normal functioning of the body as a whole, energy, vitality, bone structure, etc.

The cosmetic industry is overflowing with procedures, creams, and beauty products designed with the intentions of restoring the exterior look of the young, however, very few options exist to maintain an internally healthy body structure as a person ages.

For anyone hoping to combat the effects of aging, restore their youthful appearance, and maintain a healthy body structure would be wise to research the benefits of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH supplements. Supplements derived from Human Growth Hormone allow the body to establish greater HGH productions.

Human Growth Hormone is a naturally occurring polypeptide hormone, stored in the anterior pituitary gland, which encourages the growth, repair and regeneration of cells in the body. Human Growth Hormone also directs the manner in which other hormones in the body reproduce.

While it is possible for Human Growth Hormone to play and active role in reversing the aging effect, in order to fully understand its positioning it is better to first understand what aging actually is.

The most widely acknowledged signs of aging include: wrinkles, arthritis, heightened cholesterol levels, and osteoporosis. It should be said that conditions like these can be caused by aging, but, they can also be caused by other internal body changes. Many are surprised to learn that wrinkles are not a direct result of aging.

A great number of people reach age 60, but exude youthful radiance and a healthy body. How do they do it? Many believe that the answer to that question can be found in the levels of human growth hormone available in their bodies.

It is already known that human growth hormone governs the production of other hormones in the body, so at age 35 (or even earlier) when the body ceases to secrete HGH, it is possible to experience a deficiency in the production of other hormones; which often results in age related symptoms like blotchy skin, a weakened immune system, and fragile bones.

All of this can be prevented by maintaining healthy levels of human growth hormone in the body.

A large majority of the benefits of human growth hormone can be attributed to the ability to maintain a healthy body and preserve a youthful appearance. By maintaining healthy HGH levels in the body it is possible to delay, and possibly even reverse, the signs and symptoms associated with aging.

Human Growth Hormone – Is it Safe?

It absolutely amazes me how many new dietary and workout supplements are on the market today.

Some promise to transform you into a superhuman freak of nature, while others promise to cure baldness and make you instantly desirable to any woman who walks past you.

Others promise to help you fill in that bald spot or even naturally give you a face lift.  However, do any of these things actually work or are these products just feeding off of our desire to feel younger?

One particular segment of the workout supplement market that is experiencing huge popularity currently is the human growth hormone, or HGH, market.

The name sounds a bit ominous and instantly conjures up images of muscle-bound guys injecting this stuff into their veins to get “jacked” as if it was some new form of steroid.

Many of these HGH enhancer products promise to help you lose weight and feel younger by increasing energy levels.  Sounds great doesn’t it?

But are these products and their associated claims just the latest scam to hit the market or do these supplements actually deliver results?

Human growth hormone, generally speaking, is a naturally occurring protein hormone in the human body which helps promote healthy cell production and metabolism.  When we’re young, our veins are literally flowing with this stuff.

However, like everything else, when we get older, it starts to dry up but can be enhanced through a good diet and regular exercise.  Eventually though, even strict diet and exercise regimens will not produce the results we want.

HGH promises to deliver the results we are all looking for; increased stamina, energy, weight loss, and increased muscle mass.  After doing my homework, I realized that a growing segment of the health and exercise community is actually experiencing some amazing results with HGH supplements.

HGH is available on the market in the form of injections, oral sprays, and pill supplements known as HGH releasers.  Injections, as the name would imply, involve directly injecting growth hormone into the bloodstream.

This method is known to be quite effective but is extremely expensive.  Just one injection received each month can range upwards of $2000 and are not sold over the counter due to the potential risks involved.

Oral sprays are another alternative method of getting HGH into your body, but do they work?  The prevailing consensus is that oral sprays are not terribly effective because they are not well-suited to pass through the membranes of the mouth or the intestines and will, therefore, probably never reach your bloodstream.

The third option, known as a HGH releaser, is typically sold in pill form.  These pills are taken several times a day and facilitate your body’s increased production of HGH by stimulating the pituitary gland.

Although these pills are probably the most affordable, and successful, route to go about promoting increased HGH in your body, it is vital that you find a high quality product that uses natural, herbal ingredients.

Human Growth Hormone and Anti Aging

This may be shocking to many individuals, but after you turn thirty years the rate of production of human growth hormone or in short HGH reduces considerably. This leads to making you look older than you normally are.

So when it comes to fighting age with HGH this is around the time you need to start thinking about doing something that will be beneficial to fight the signs of ageing.

Many individuals are unaware of the fact that when they are in their thirties, the pituitary gland of their body starts to drop HGH production by as much as fourteen percent every decade. That can be quite a scary proposition for many individuals and this altogether increases the chance of aging.

While many may not believe this but after you’re an individual turns thirty, you could have less energy and easily get tired.

Some are even “unlucky” because they begin to look older. This is not a situation which has been visualized by any individual. Even worse, some people in their thirties have been mistaken for being in their fifties.

This is a great set back to the self esteem of an individual. Individuals should therefore start taking initiative after they cross the thirty year mark to ensure that they look their age.

If it seems bad to lose the production of HGH at 30, it gets even worse as reach later years.

This is because the body does not continually produce HGH and once you hit fifty or sixty years of age your levels will be very low if you don’t take some action.

However these days supplements are available to anybody who wants to hang on to their youthful looks and health as much as possible.

These supplements are becoming more and more popular among individuals and there are also natural varieties available.

As a rule your wrinkles and signs of aging increase as your human growth hormone decreases, so as you age your youthful appearance fades.

These days there are no excuses for not being able to get hold of any HGH supplements as they are available online. Many people prefer to purchase a natural HGH booster rather than inject or digest real HGH. HGH boosters, encourage your body to release natural HGH, which most people prefer.

Thus HGH is a great way to prevent the ravages of time that it causes on the skin of an individual.

Human Growth Hormone & Legality

One day you feel healthy and perfectly young, and suddenly you notice your reflexes slowing down and wrinkles start showing.

Baby boomers around the ages 40-50 start feeling their age. Some age sooner than others, perhaps owing to their lifestyle or health issues.

A 46-year-old woman wrote to me saying, “I don’t feel good anymore. I suddenly notice a dramatic change in the way I feel and look.”

This sentiment reflects what most men and women experience as age catches up with them. She said that she went to an endocrinologist, who performed some blood tests and prescribed hormone replacement, including a human growth hormone (HGH) injection on a daily basis.

Prescribing of HGH is not new, this hormone has been used since the 1950s.

But in those days, it was used on children with growth problems. Things stayed this way until the 1990s.

The first indication that a course of HGH can help reduce body fat by more than 14 percent and increase lean muscle mass by 9 percent came about when the New England Journal of Medicine published a report by Dr. Daniel Rudman.

Although this was a small study performed on a few men, the affect it had on people was amazing.

Several articles on anti-aging started doing the rounds, and manufacturers came up with anti-aging products of all kinds, including HGH sprays and creams.

Endocrinologists did not approve of these products, saying they are worthless and don’t work.

However, they did approve of HGH injections, but over a period of time, these injections were seen to come with some side effects, especially when used on people for anti-aging.

The market is now flooded with HGH supplements and some of them are completely herbal.

The multi-billion dollar market is growing more than 10 percent yearly.

But even as the number of buyers of these products soars, the legal status is still fuzzy.

Research to support anti-aging and extending life is going on and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) has a huge member base with about 20,000 members from 90 countries.

But the problem is that the American Medical Association (AMA) does not give anti-aging the importance many believe it deserves. It does not consider anti-aging a specialty.

This is perhaps the reason many doctors, in spite of believing that some of these products can actually help people slow down or reverse the signs of aging, refuse to come out in the open, as they are not allowed to write prescriptions for anti-aging products unless there is a medical condition that requires supplementation of HGH.

But when did anything stop humans from wanting to look and feel younger?

As long as humans lived on Earth, we have always wanted to look younger and live longer. This sentiment is true of every culture, society and religion.

Of course all the products that have been touted as anti-aging products failed at dramatic life extension.I say ‘all’ because there is no such thing as dramatic change. No product can transform a person from old to young.

In the last 10 years, there has been plenty of parallel anti-aging research taking place.

This research is carried on with the help of private funding and some HGH products can help reverse the damage aging causes.

Many users have reported taking off many years off of their age.

Many of the remedies that work without side effects are those using natural herbs and no synthetic substances.

Go through our website and read more on human growth hormone and HGH products.

See what works and what does not.

In your pursuit for youth, you may have to spend a few hours gaining knowledge but it will all be worth it when you find yourself feeling healthier than ever before.

Growth Hormone Supplements And Anti-Aging

Human growth hormone can be described as transformative and HGH supplements are cited for their strong anti-aging effects in adults.

With the levels of growth hormone reducing at an appalling rate as the body grows older, everything changes drastically.

Your attitude undergoes a sea change and you feel as if the whole world is watching you – watching you turn from a beauty into an unidentifiable person.

Despite your best efforts to not pay attention, the fat accumulation on the waist, the wrinkles and everything else scream loud enough to scare you.

Human growth hormone supplements fight the inevitable – aging!

Human Growth Hormone Supplementation

HGH supplementation gives you a gift that was once thought of as impossible. It brings youthfulness that you were sure you thought was lost forever.

They can’t stop you from aging, but they allow you to age healthy and beautiful.

You will experience perking up of your moods, alleviation of depression, increase in stamina, increase in endurance for physical strain, better sleep and improvement in overall health.

Many users say that they are reminded of their younger years!

HGH Supplements – How They Affect Our Body

Brain:  Our brain contains neurons and proteins that are the building blocks of brain and nervous system.

Once these neurons get damaged or their function slows down, they can never re-grow.

These supplements work on motivating these neurons to self-repair themselves, thus enhancing brain function. This leads to improved memory and an alert brain.

Immune System: Our immune system slows down with age and HGH supplements give it the necessary boost.

Your defenses against harmful bacteria and infection increases, giving your body the capacity to ward of illnesses.

Growth Hormone supplements help produce more of this hormone in the body, leading to healthier cells, increase in natural defenses, defense against antigens and also the ability to destroy any abnormal cells in the body.

This is the reason, HGH is said to help with cancer too.

Skin: I know how hard it is to cope with all the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. They make you look older. With the decrease in human growth hormone in the aging body, the collagen and elastin produced in the body decreases.

The skin starts sagging, wrinkles and fine lines form, drooping takes place, and an uneven skin tone sets in. Collagen and elastin are essential to keep the skin supple without lines and wrinkles.

HGH supplements help increase collagen and elastin production, because of which the facial muscle mass increases, the skin tone becomes even, wrinkles and lines reduce or disappear.

Sexual Performance: HGH supplement users have reported a huge increase in their sex drive and performance.

When HGH levels decrease, men experience erection and performance issues and women have problems with their libido, vaginal dryness and desire.

Hundreds of men and women have written in stating that their libido, orgasms, desire, and erections are much better with the use of HGH supplements recommended by us.

Men said they enjoy far better performance levels and the vaginal dryness for women is a problem of the past.


People on HGH supplements suggested by us, write to me about all the beautiful changes they are experiencing.

For the majority, the first noticeable change is in the energy levels. They begin feeling younger and enjoy things they have in their youth.

HGH Products: Do They Really Work?

Have you ever noticed the number of anti-aging products on the market? Each cream promises to be an elixir that restores the beauty of youth.

A product on TV advertises, “In just a couple of weeks, you will look 10 years younger” or “get a free trial for just $9.99!”

Why do you think these products make big money? 

The reason is simple – thousands of women from around the world are willing to do anything to retain their youthful look.

Well, it’s not just women; men are fast catching up to the “look young at any age” phenomenon.

Why am I offering you info that you already have? I want to bring home the fact that most of these products offer no value and you would only be wasting your time and money,and possibly end up suffering from side effects too.

We cannot go by what is being advertised. Fake reviews are a part of the game, and even the celebrities that offer reviews are paid money, so they are just parrots repeating after the highest bidders.

Believe me; most of them wouldn’t come anywhere close to these products, because they themselves don’t trust them.

Does this mean there are no good HGH products in the market?

No! I have spent years checking out these products and know there are a few good quality products. But mind you, they are very few and they are usually not advertised as the less-genuine ones are.

May be it has to do with the high quality of the product that gives the manufacturers the confidence that they will sell.

This leaves us with the question of how effective these anti-aging products really are

They are certainly not effective enough to make you look 20 or 30 years younger. When I say there are good products in the market, I don’t mean they can transform you into a teenager.

Through my research, I found that the genuine HGH products offer great relief to the skin, hair, body as well as mind.

The aging-process not just slows down but you also begin feeling better. All the signs of aging that we so dread, such as the wrinkles, muscle weakness, bone weakness, lack of energy seem to vanish and you start looking and feeling better.

I don’t want to give you the impression that I have never made mistakes. I did order a few “bargains” that didn’t work as they promised to.

But then, no research would be complete without making mistakes.  I even returned a few of HGH products.

What to look for in an anti-aging product?

If you happen to find a product you are confident about and want to try, it’s important to look into their money-back guarantee, how the order is placed, shipping charges and most importantly customer service.

I don’t know if the right word for this is anti-aging

While there are a few human growth hormone products that do slow down aging, I don’t understand the term, ‘anti-aging’, although I go with the flow and use it! Nothing can stop us from aging!

With the help of  high quality HGH products, we can age healthy, look and feel younger than people who don’t use these products.

In fact, I’ve created this website to show both women and men how to look beautiful and elegant whatever the age. We owe it to ourselves to feel and look great, lead a better life with greater self-esteem.

We are given a window of time, why not celebrate it and rejoice with the choices we make.

If you haven’t looked at any HGH products, why not do that now? There is no better time than now to regain that confidence in yourself that comes only with knowing that you look your best.

Check out the products I recommend and rest assured they work and come with no side effects.

Advances In The Human Growth Hormone Arena

Beginning with birth and ending at death, aging is a continuous process! While we don’t pay attention to our age when young, the signs of aging start bothering us as age catches up.

Changes in the body and mind occur at the cellular level and this has a bearing upon the various declines we experience in both physical and sensory capabilities. One of the most dreaded changes occurs in the largest organ of the body, the skin.

The connective tissue becomes less elastic and wrinkles form.

But all of a sudden, we find that growing old is not that bad!  The reason for this changing attitude is the advances made by researchers all over the world.

Anti-aging is not just another fancy term anymore!

The Significance of Growth Hormone on Aging

Experts now know that aging is associated with reduction in ‘Growth Hormone’ and brings about undesirable changes in the body, such as a decline in many physiological functions leading to reduced physical fitness, decrease in lean body and bone mass, increase in body fat, wrinkling of the skin, as well as increased susceptibility to illness and all sorts of health problems.

The effect of growth hormone on aging was once a complex and poorly understood process!

Until recently, there was very little scientific knowledge about the significance and therapy for the decrease of growth hormone in adults.

But now it has become apparent that with advancing age, women as well as men show decreases in Growth Hormone secretion.

This steady decline in GH secretion in adults is called ‘somatopause.’

In recent years, there has also been an increased scientific and clinical interest in aging with relation to growth hormone deficiency, which led to several studies.

The success of some of these studies had given birth to renewed confidence that aging effects can be reversed or attenuated by treatment.

Undeniable Evidence of Slow Down

Experimentation with the administration of GH for periods from a few weeks to six months, showed improvement in nitrogen balance, increase in lean body mass, and decrease in body fat in adults with low growth hormone levels.

Growth hormone administration has been taking place for the past few years, but since it is only obtainable from human pituitary tissue, the little growth hormone that is available, is used to treat the problem of childhood short stature.

A Healthy Reversal with Growth Hormone Supplementation

While scientists continue to investigate areas that require further studies, the market today is abuzz with growth hormone supplementation of all kinds.

While most are proving to be dangerous, there are a few that are being touted as the harbingers of youth.

Do your due diligence before going ahead and using one of the anti-aging HGH products.

We have ourselves spent a long time researching on HGH and found a few products that can actually help bring about the changes you desire, and make you feel and look younger.

I’m sure you are smart enough to accept that no power in the universe can stop us from aging. It is a natural process that will continue, no matter what.

The whole world is only trying to age in as healthy a manner as possible, without suffering with health problems due to old age. Of course, looking good is a huge bonus!


The Effects of HGH on Growing Teenagers

The human growth hormone, or HGH, is a hormone that our bodies naturally produce on a regular basis. This hormone is manufactured inside of our brain, in an area called the pituitary gland.

As we go through puberty, our brain secretes a whole lot of HGH in order to properly develop our bodies, including cartilage, muscles, and bone growth.

Although it gets naturally created inside of our bodies, modern pharmaceutical technology has allowed us to create it in synthetic form.

Because of this, we can manufacture it inside of a laboratory as if it were a drug, which is actually almost is, as it can be prescribed by doctors and is usually administered through a needle almost anywhere on our bodies.

There are a lot of different people who can qualify for a legal prescription, most commonly including children who have problems growing properly.

The prescribed HGH treatment will allow these children to grow into an average size instead of a significantly stunted one.

However, in addition to the legitimate uses of human growth hormone, there are illegal uses too. Athletes have been known to abuse the hormone in order to perform better at their respective sports.

HGH and teenagers

Although HGH has legitimate uses for children going through puberty, irresponsible usage of it can be dangerous.

Because teenagers generally already produce a sufficient or even high amount of HGH, administering a synthetic dose can be very harmful to the body.

Young athletes often look at HGH as a shortcut to a bigger body, and teens can sometimes be pressured into taking HGH to keep up with their peers.

Although HGH has been banned by most professional sporting leagues and the International Olympic Committee, it is still very commonly used by pro and amateur athletes alike as a way to increase performance.

Teenagers who see or hear of professional athletes abusing HGH can potentially be influenced into trying it themselves, and if they are like most teens, could harm themselves with the extra human growth hormone.

Also, using HGH when you are going through puberty can have unwanted vanity consequences as well.

Body hair growth will accelerate, which may or may not be a good thing. But one unarguably bad side effect for most teens using HGH is increase levels of acne.

Considering how much teens fret about acne in the first place, having serious breakouts because of human growth hormone injections can be frustrating and depressing.

Drug testing for HGH

One of the reasons why HGH is so commonly used instead of other performance enhancing drugs is that HGH is nearly impossible to detect during drug testing.

The reason for this is because it is naturally produced inside of the body and there is no metric by which to measure—some people naturally produce high amounts while others produce very little.

There have been studies showing that over ten percent of all teen students have tried using steroids at some point, something that may surprise many parents.

Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone HGH

HGH, or human growth hormone, is a natural hormone produced inside of our brain’s pituitary gland.

This is the hormone that plays the biggest role in our body growth. As a teenager going through puberty, your HGH levels are sky high, as the body is at its prime time to grow.

However, over time, especially after thirty years of age, the body naturally stop producing as much HGH.

In fact, some people past 30 years of age are producing less than 20% of the amount of HGH they secreted during their teenage years.

Because of this sudden drop off of HGH, signs of aging can begin to penetrate our youthful skin, and our energy levels and strength are both decreased.

Our skin begins to get saggy and we start to form wrinkles because of our skin getting thinner.

HGH supplements

All of the aging related issues just mentioned can be significantly reduced by ingesting human growth hormone supplements on a regular basis.

And even though those over thirty could benefit the most from HGH supplements, even younger athletes can sometimes gain from utilizing it.

There are two main methods of obtaining HGH—injections and supplements. Supplements, as hinted at earlier, are simply small amounts of the hormone to be taken to obtain mild effects.

HGH injections, on the other hand, are an entirely different beast. They are not only more potent, but show results much more rapidly than supplements would.

However, injections can potentially cause side effects that supplements would not. Not only that, but they are extremely expensive, costing many thousands of dollars per session.

These pitfalls have steered the health and wellness community far away from injections in favor of supplements.

Benefits of HGH

One of the most important effects of an HGH supplement is its weight loss potential. Almost every type of HGH supplement has some form of fat burning ability, but this is not activated by being lazy.

You will have to exercise vigorously and eat correctly, or HGH supplements will do absolutely nothing to help you lose weight.

That being said, there have been many studies that have proven that HGH supplements help people lose weight faster.

Another benefit to human growth hormone supplements is the fact that it improves both your skin and hair. Your skins elasticity will eventually be challenged by nature, and wrinkles will inevitably form.

Taking HGH supplements can help reverse this by revitalizing the cells of the skin that are thinning. It can also reverse hair loss and even restore original hair color sometimes!

A major benefit and reason why people take HGH supplements is that it provides you with extra energy and allows for muscle building to be maximized.

Because of human growth hormone’s interaction with protein, you can squeeze out more progress from exercise routines than without the supplement.

A last perk to taking HGH supplements is your heart health. HGH can lower your cholesterol and improve heart function in a variety of ways, improving your health and adding years on to the end of your life.